Digital Realty’s Boondoggle: Drunk on Arrogance in Washington D.C.

Digital Realty executives, Board members, their wives, and children made an embarrassing spectacle of themselves in Washington D.C. yesterday.

No less than three dozen people flanked Bill Stein as his entourage in what was a five-star boondoggle to attend the Supreme Court hearing.  They made the 7-hour journey in first class, non-stop from San Francisco to Washington DC well in advance, staying in one of DC’s top hotels.  On Tuesday, once inside the normally somber halls


of the Supreme Court, they joked and laughed loudly in an air of festivity not seen before, according to one marshall.  Retaliation in the workplace is apparently funny and celebratory for Digital Realty executives.

After the Supreme Court hearing,  Mr. Stein’s entourage followed him down the hill to a private dining room where revelers feasted on steak, lobster and fine wines. Josh Mill’s wife and children were dressed in black from head to toe as a *charming* nod to the Justices robes.

All in all, it was regrettable display in the face of those suffering from workplace retaliation.


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