Meet the Legal Trolls In My Life

“If there is a more corrupt law firm than Seyfarth Shaw, I would be surprised.”   Anon. Lawyer


Employement Practices Liabilty Insurance (EPLI) is the Problem. If Digital didn’t have EPLI from Chubb Insurance Group, the lawsuit Paul Somers v. Digital Realty & Ellen Jacobs would never have become the 5-year battle that it is.  Why?  Because Paul Somers and Scott Peterson, CIO, were working to get Somers back into his role in Singapore on the heels of Somers’ former manager, Kris Kumar’s forced exit from the company.  The talks ended when Chubb found out.

Mr. Peterson was aware of what Kumar had done to damage Somers.  Peterson was also aware that Kumar had teamed up with Ellen Jacobs to falsify reasons to fire Somers out of revenge and retaliation.  In September of 2014, five months after Somers employment was terminated, Scott Peterson was acting as a liaison to get Bill Stein, (CEO) and Somers to meet to talk about what could be done to resolve matters.

Bill and Scott were careful not to let Jacobs or Chubb’s lawyers, Seyfarth Shaw, find about the secret talks aimed at getting Somers back in his former role, avoiding  litigation.  Somers was working with Scott on his pivate mobile number and personal email.

Chubb’s law firm, Seyfarth Shaw, did find out and were furious.

Seyfarth Ended the TalksThey stepped in and told Digital “no way” would there be a settlement because legal action had commenced (though it had not) and it was their case to decide,  not Digital’s.  Scott and Bill backed out. The first email proves Seyfarth Shaw stopped the settlement talks:Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 4.58.32 AM

Scott Petersen failed to fill Somers in on what had happened.  He simply ignored Somers messages asking about the settlement meetings Scott had promised to set up.

Seyfarth Shaw has manipulated this case to get what they want. So far, 51 months of billing Chubb (not Digital) for a case that should have settle 45 months ago.  It’s one good reasons we need to get lawyers out of disputes – all the want they want is to collect a fee.  They have no interest in cases settling.   Get rid of the lawyers, please.

Legal trolls like Brian Ashe, Shireen Wetmore and Kyle Peterson shouldn’t be able to park themselves in Somers’ life for five years and get rich because Digital’s leadership is to weak to do the right thing.

That’s why they corrupt the judicial process, its all there really is to the defense.  Its sick, it’s wrong, and it’s the unvarnished truth.


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