Sexual Predators Now Protected by Chubb’s New Insurance Product

Chubb has lawyers, like Brian Ashe of Seyfarth Shaw, who specialize in protecting wealthy sexual predators. If you are a wealthy sexual predator like Harvey Weinstein, you call Chubb and obtain insurance to pay for your legal fees and bribes to judges and witnesses. If you can afford the coverage, and are accused of sexual harrassment, or worse, you simply hand off the issues to Chubb’s assigned concierge:

“coverage helps protect you if you are accused of wrongful termination, sexual harassment or employment discrimination. Additionally, it helps defray the defense costs you may incur as a result of such allegations.

Because You Value Your Reputation: Masterpiece Employment Practices Liability Coverage includes insurance for reputational injury, which is designed to defray expenses arising from allegations of a wrongful employment act that result in an employment practices crisis. With preapproval from Chubb, you can employ:
“a professional public relations consulting firma professional security consulting firm and/or a professional media management firm

Reputational injury coverage helps reimburse the expense of hiring such firms that can assist with damage control surrounding the allegations as well as secure your residence(s) and family members from media intrusions.”

This is the same insurance used by Digital Realty to allow Bill Stein to grab all the body parts he wants yet he’ll never have to worry about the repercussions.

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