Legal Opinion Validates the Fact that CEO’s Jewish Only Hiring Policy is Illegal.

Question: A CEO came into power at a publicly traded Fortune 500 company with 1500 employees. He fired all senior executives who do not share in his religion and ethnicity. He hired all new executives from outside the company who matched his ethnic origin and shared his religious views. The issue is that the people who have these same traits and religion only make up 2% of the working population in the U. S. but they make up 100% of this companies senior team. In other words, it cannot be a coincidence. What is your opinion as an employment lawyer?

Jean C

Opinion From Janice C –  Employment Lawyer

Discrimination against persons based upon ethnicity or religion are highly protected categories. [There are] definite grounds for an EEOC complaint with your state’s department of labor. It is good reasoning on your part to point out that since only 2% of people from the working population in the u.s. are of his ethnic background it cannot be an accident. He is obviously discriminating against anyone who is of a different religion or ethnic group and that is illegal.

28 February 2020 03:28

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