Digital Realty and Chubb’s Attorney, Brian T. Ashe, (aka Brian Tobin Ashkenazi) is one sloppy crook.

Depicted above is Brian T Ashe of Seyfarth. Mr. Ashe is Digital Realty and Chubb insurance’s lawyer accused of multiple criminal acts in these proceedings.

In an attempt to win the ongoing lawsuit, Paul Somers v. Digital Realty & Ellen Jacobs, crimes and misconduct on the part of the defendants Digital Realty and their insurer, Chubb, are nothing short of staggering.

Digital, Mr. Ashe, and their coconspirators “left a trail littered with evidence a mile wide and as far as the eye can see,” indicted one investigator.

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He added, “Digital’s in-house lawyers and outside counsel, Seyfarth, hit all the high notes of what not to do when bribing public officials, tampering with witnesses, and obstructing justice.” Based on the evidence collected so far, nearly every aspect of the litigation has been infected with fraud.

Not even the Supreme Court escaped their criminal acts.

Check back shortly for the full story.

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