In Singapore, former Digital Realty manager, Sam Lee, is an affiliate of an Ashkenazi crime ring (whether he likes it or not.)

Pictured above are two reasons. The billionaire Ruben Brothers ready to crush anyone who exposes Ashkenazi crime.

Digital Realty’s lawyers fabricated two documents used in a recent hearing. Digital’s lawyer, Brian . Ashe, filed both of the fraudulent documents in federal court. One of the documents he represents is from Sam Lee, a former employee. Digital forensic data from that document proves that Mr. Ashe is not telling the truth.

  1. First fact proving the document is fake is the Mr. Lee was unaware of the Declaration until I sent sent him a copy on or about July 27, 2018.
  2. The statements in the Declaration are were invented by Mr. Ashe without any input from the victim, Mr Sam Lee.
  3. Mr. Ashe scoured Digital documents looking for a copy of Lee’s signature. His assistant cut and pasted the signature on the fraudulent declaration.
  4. Lee was unaware of the forged document until I emailed it to him in July 2018.
  5. Mr. Lee was livid when he found out and threatened to expose Ashe. Ashe, who wrote the unlawful Order on the Defendants Motion for Summary Judgment removed Lee’s declaration from the Order stating (as if he was Judge Chen) that because I protested the document, it was removed and not relied upon when the Order was made. It’s complete nonsense. Ashe is already in such deep shit, this act is simply icing on the cake.

Why is Sam Lee risking arrest to help Digital Realty? Mr. Lee won’t tell the truth because he works for the Rueben brothers.

If Lee was to tell the truth about Mr Ashe’s criminal activities, Ashe has made it clear that Lee would face termination and blacklisting. That’s how Ashkenazi’s operate.

If this matter is carefully investigated by proper non-Ashkenazi authorities, Ashe will be banished from practicing law and face a prison term. Mr. Lee will also do time in Singapore for aiding and abetting a crime.

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