A special kind of hell: what it’s like to be a client of the law firm Outten & Golden

Only a few months into representing in my lawsuit against Digital Realty, my lawyers at Outten & Golden suddenly decided to quit. Even then I know it was foul play.

Digital Realty and its insurer Chubb had a talk with O&G’s Tammy Marziglioni. They told her to get of the case or else washile they sweetened the offer with a bribe and the promise of further compensation down the line.

It sure did work. After that one phone call with Digital’s lawyers, O&G l couldn’t get out representation fast enough.

This was the second time. Digital’s Ashkenazi lawyer, Brian T. Ashe, had done this already eighteen months earlier with my former Ashkenazi lawyers at Gould & Ratner in Chicago. They too made excuses that turned out to be false. More on that.

Proof is in the recording made of my final meeting at their office in NYC. I asked to meet with WayneOutten. I wasn’t prepared for what they planned to do to me. Two more lawyers joined Mr. Outten. The only reason they was to try to drive me over the edge. Every single statement they make is false. They coordinated a disgraceful attack on their own client. A more shameful group of lawyers cannot exist. I was just back from my father’s first funeral when they sent a 23 page letter describing why they were quitting. . It was pure who paid them a whopping retainer in advance. The voice you don’t hear is that of Tammy Marziglioni. Tammy is the one responsible for making a deal with the devil, Brian T. Ashe. She agreed to orchestrate dropping me as a client just days after my father’s funeral. A response to the appeal was due in 30 days.

I’ve included a letter from the next lawyer I hired. See below. She confirms my assessment of the way clients are treated by the folks at O&G.

So where is Tammy Marziglioni during the meeting? She’s hiding in her office. In her place the horrible O&G partner, Jennifer Schwartz l, agrees to do her dirty work along with Greg Chiarello who lies, as they all do, during entire meeting.

No client should ever be subject to this kind of shameful action by corrupt lawyers. Each of these lawyers deserves to be disbarred, at a minimum.

Prepared to be shocked by how bad lawyers can be. They call themselves “the advocates for workplace fairness.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Plaintiffs should steer clear of these crooks.

So here we go, the lawyers at Outten & Golden didn’t know they were being recorded, legally, in New York City. They never offer a single fact or evidence to back up what they say because they are making it all up.

Listen here: check back, audio coming soon!

Read the letter from my next attorney, Jennifer Anderson. Jennifer had nothing good to say about Outten & Golden. These are her views on O&G before the Ashkenazi goody bag landed in her lap:

O&G: Remember, truth is never disparagement. In any case, you can’t get blood from a turnip.

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