Chesa Boudin Begins Ethnic Cleansing at the San Francisco DA’s Office

An investigation has revealed troubling decisions by Chesa Boudin since he took the helm as the San Francisco DA.

It is important to point out that Boudin is an Ashkenazi Jewish American.

In January, after being sworn in, Boudin delivered a rousing speech to hundreds of his supporters in which he promised to confront racial disparities in the criminal justice system. He also vowed not to fire anyone in at the DA’s office.

Shortly after starting as the new DA, he fired at least seven prosecutors, none of them Jewish.

At the same time, Boudin hired Tal Klement and Dana Drusinsky to replace some of the prosecutors. Both are Jewish.

Boudin also promoted from within. Long-time DA employee Evan Ackiron was promoted to the chief of the white collar crime division. You guessed it, Ackiron is Jewish. Unfortunately Ackiron is as corrupt as they come. He’s failed to prosecute three Jewish lawyers who engaged in multiple felonies including forgery and fraud related to the lawsuit Paul Somers v. Digital Realty & Ellen Jacobs. Ackiron started the investigation then dropped it after realizing that the offenders, Brian Ashe, Kyle Petersen and Shireen Wetmore are Jewish and work at the Jewish law firm, Seyfarth LLP.

Mr. Ackiron refuses to explain why the investigation was dropped. He also refuses to turnover documents concerning the investigation despite being required to do so by law. It’s clear that in this one instance, Mr. Ackiron is engaged in a white collar crime coverup. It’s a perfect example of criminals getting away with their crimes because they share the same ethnicity and religion as the prosecutor.

Ackiron started a criminal investigation then dropped it without explanation after realizing all three lawyers are Jewish.

In April, Boudin announced the launch of a new “Economic Crimes Against Workers Unit” within the DA’s office to investigate and prosecute crimes committed by employers against workers.  Boudin selected Scott Stillman to run the unit. Stillman, of course, is Jewish.

Racial disparities or simply religious discrimination, it doesn’t really matter, Boudin has to go either way. Recall Chesa. One theory circulating is that the SFDA is under the control of the group who paid for Boudin’s campaign and tinkered with the votes. That same group is then dictating hiring of Ashkenazis for the top spots at the DA’s office. There are parallels to what has occured at Digital Realty. It’s highly concerning to see this kind of under the radar discrimination take place in corporations let alone, law enforcement. Perhaps Mr. Boudin believes that civil rights laws do not apply to him.

It’s a perfect example of criminals getting away with their crimes because they share the same ethnicity and religion as the prosecutors.

So there you have it, despite Boudin’s hollow promise to confront racial disparities, he’s intent on making sure that the DA’s office is under the control of Jewish employees. It’s ethnic and religious discrimination, plain and simple not to mention highly concerning behavior for a DA.

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