Yes, Digital Realty’s Jewish-Only Hiring Practice Has Reached Singapore.

By Kara Walton

CEO Bill Stein and Cindy Fiedelman, Digital Realty’s chief of human resources officer, pictured above, have implemented their Jewish only hiring practice in the company’s Asia Pacific region.

It’s clear that Cindy Fiedelman’s brand of hate is multiplying. She’s making sure that unless your mother is Jewish, you must never rise to the top of Digital Realty. She continues to implement the same situation in the United States. Beyond the most senior management, more non-Jewish employees are being fired and replaced by Jewish employees.

A bit of research on the Managing of Director of Asia Pacific for Digital Realty, Mark Smith, reveals that he is Jewish. Smith is a common name for those who want to hide their ethnicity and religion. Bill Stein’s wife uses the last name Smith, for example.

Fiedelman also hired Matt Berzak, also Jewish, for the second in command as Digital’s Asia Pacific Portfolio.

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