Ma nishma Jeff Tapley! Digital Realty installs Jewish managing director for EMEA.

Digital Realty is brazenly flipping the bird to civil rights statutes and non-Jewish employees.

Civil rights legislation dating back to 1964 prohibits employers from making hiring decisions based upon someone’s religion and/or ethnicity. We have one more confirmed leadership position going to an Ashkenazi-Jew. Tapley isn’t the last, we have more examples of Digital Realty’s illegal recruiting and hiring practice in the pipeline.of

An investigation into Jeff Tapley’s background reveals that he is undoubtedly Jewish. Digital Realty has made it clear now for 3 years that they will only hire Ashkenazi-Jews for senior positions.

Digital Realty’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Cindy Fiedelman, simply tosses non-Jewish candidate’s resumes into the trash.

If you’ve been turned down for a position at Digital Realty, you may have legal claims against Ms. Fiedelman and Digital Realty.

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  1. Yet, he informs attys not to take cases or to screw the client’s during the process by paying off the attys on the back end to screen their client’s.

    Meant to read to “screw” their client’s.


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