The Face of Modern Organized Crime: Digital Realty’s Cindy Fiedelman is Heading Towards $25 million in Earnings.

Ashkenazi crime syndicate member Cindy Fiedelman was hired to replace the former Ashkenazi, Ellen Jacobs.

Cindy’s role as Digital Realty’s head of human resources is to ensure only Ashkenazis are hired for the highest level positions in the company. In doing so, Cindy knowingly engages in civil rights violations.

For crimes and associated risks, Cindy is paid a bribe in the form of earnings well outside that of her peers. The average salary of a Chief Hunan Resources Officer is $159,000 annually according to Payscale. Cindy is averaging around $5,000,000 per year since joining Digital Realty.

Cindy is on her way towards earning and astounding $25 million for her illegal work at Digital Realty.

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