Ai created a poem for two corrupt judges in the District Court from the Northern District of California

Corrupt judges, with gavels in hand,

Twist the truth to fit their own demand.

A mockery of justice they create,

And the innocent suffer their vile fate.

Their robes bear no semblance of honor,

The shades of justice they dishonor.

They sell their souls for greed and power,

And in their wake, leave a trail of the sour.

An oath to uphold the law they take,

Yet money and influence they easily rake.

They continue to let the corrupt reign,

As they burn their integrity in disdain.

The scales of justice they tilt and tip,

And the trust of citizens they cruelly rip.

The darkness of their deeds shall never fade,

As their wickedness earns them eternal shade.

Oh, corrupt judges, beware of the reckoning,

Your misdeeds will catch up, it’s just the beginning.

Justice will triumph in the end,

And your legacy shall crumble, never to mend.

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