SEC baffled by Digital Realty Appeal

Employment Liability Practice creates a tenuous triangle. Did Chubb talk digital into filing a frivolous appeal. 

SEC said they have no idea why Digital would have appealed Judge Chen’s landmark decision to allow employees who report wrongdoing to management rather than the SEC to qualify as whistleblowers.

Digital Realty thumbed it’s nose at the SEC last month filing a 75-page appeal with the United States Court of Appeals of the Ninth Circuit.  Or did they.  Digital’s attempt to toss a wet blanket on a sound decision by Judge Chen one year ago is not believable.  Who is really behind this appeal forcing me to pay $75,000 in legal costs.

Why did they do it?  Frivolous litigation to frustrate the legal process or an attempt by Chubb to affect public policy.

More to come……

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