Digital Defies Court Order to Turn Over Ellen Jacobs Outlook Calendar | UPDATE

August 7, 2016 UPDATE:  Following the publication of this article Digital provided the calendar appointments data and fast.  A great example how a reader pushed Chubb aside and resolved Digital’s violation. Many more to go.

What is on that calendar?

The Federal Magistrate Judge gave a direct order to Digital Realty to turn over Outlook calendars for Jacobs, Kumar and Schubert by midnight July 22, 2016.

So far nothing has been received

Digital’s attorney’s explained that the IT  giant is struggling with the task of reproducing the  Outlook calendar files.  The Plaintiff proposed giving the multi-billion dollar IT company an additional two weeks.  The calendars were due to the Plaintiff  13 months ago.  

Helpline for Microsoft (800) 642 7676


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