Press 1 for defamation, Press 2 for a legal hold, Press 3 to report one of our attorneys for misconduct……

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” – SocratesUnknown

Unethical  litigation tactics  are being employed by Digital Realty/Chubb’s lawyers.  The kind of tricks you play when your defense is in trouble.  I raise this incident because if I don’t, it will be used against me somewhere down the line.  These are Chubb’s lawyers. Digital’s attorney,  Kristin Pedersen was sent packing when the lawsuit was raised as a possibility.  I would venture to say Kristin would have helped me resolve this matter years ago.  I think Kristin is more like the rest of us, we don’t have the stomach to get up every day and find ways to damage innocent people.  Some attorneys at Seyfarth seem to be OK with damaging plaintiffs for a living.  Here is a minor example, in the scheme of things, but an excellent example of how they operate.

Thursday, August 18, 2016  

2:50 PM: l left a voicemail message for Brian Ashe at Seyfarth requesting  a telephone call in the coming days to solve some important issues.  The call was less than 60 seconds.  Seyfarth had been unreachable for several weeks.

5:21 PM :  Mr. Ashe sends the email below.   In the email, he decides to falsify my polite message in a further attempt to paint me as an angry and disgruntled former employee.  No one at Digital ever saw me angry or unreasonable but that Seyfarth’s whole plan, character assassination:

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.26.51 AM.png

What Mr. Ashe wrote is completely false.  I would never act in such a manner.

I requested he give me a copy of the voicemail file.  He refused.  I contacted the Managing Director of his firm, no luck.

This is when the attacks on me began in earnest.  It occurred just after I began beating Seyfarth in motions.   It doesn’t sit well with lawyers when  a pro se litigant starts to win.  Their clients begin to question those huge legal bills every month.

Being a litigator is hard when you have a dozen associates at your command.  I have to do it all. You just to choose whether you are going to be an honest and ethical lawyer or the kind that does the voicemail trick.

This is when the attacks began in earnest.  It occurred just after I began winning a few rounds in court.    It doesn’t sit well with lawyers when  a pro se litigant starts to win.  Their clients begin to question those huge legal bills every month.

It’s not the best move by Seyfarth because the voicemail must be  in their IT system.   If they believe what Mr. Ashe has stated, they would have provided it to me.  I hope they do give it up, if not I can request it.

Until then, word to the wise when calling Seyfarth; have a court reporter in tow.  Otherwise, your reputation may be at risk.

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