Digital Realty and its lawyers have been accused of committing a felony in federal court.  Seyfarth Shaw, the corporate defense lawyers for Digital got caught filing a falsified “joint” letter which misrepresented Paul Somers.  The court had ordered the parties to provide a jointly written letter describing their discovery disputes.  It took a month to prepare.  Somers signed the joint letter which Petersen was anxious to file with the district court on May 25, 2016.  Petersen and her colleagues spent the next five hours modifying the letter to their to Digital Realty’s advantage before filing it with the court.  Digital removed certain important sections written by Somers.  The judge Digital is maintaining that the falsified letter is overseen by Digital’s General Counsel

When it was done, Somers signed the joint letter next to the signature of Kyle Petersen of Seyfarth Shaw, Digital’s attorney.  Emails show she was really anxious to file it at 5 pm  on May 25, 2016.  After Somers returned the fully executed document, Petersen and her colleagues spent the next five hours making changes and additions to the letter which are very much in favor of  Digital Realty.  Digital removed certain important sections written by Somers and added 20 pages that Josh Mills believes allows Digital to withhold damaging evidence about Somers’ illegal termination.  Someone then forged Somers’ signature as shown below.

This story is the biggest and most damaging yet as we have watched Digital deny for four years the existence of certain documents in their IT archive system.  Documents are escaping Digital Realty by way of anonymous helpers, the silent but growing group of employees who are fed up with the behavior of senior executives who are doing damage to Digital’s brand.  More to come.Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 3.25.51 AM

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