Liar Liar​.

Paul Somers was employed as a Vice President by Digital Realty Trust, Inc. from 2010 to 2014.  In late 2013, Somers made several reports to senior management regarding possible securities law violations and discrimination by the company.  Somers was not able to report his concerns to the SEC before Digital Realty terminated his employment. He is suing Digital for more than $25 million for wrongful termination, et al.

Part 1

Marilyn Campos –  Legal Bureau Blog Reporter  Part 1 in a series

Something’s not right at Digital Realty.

The REIT is spending far too much money and resources on a lawsuit they should have settled a long time ago.  The battle has gone way beyond anything I have seen in my many years of writing legal articles.

A prime example of how weird it is, Several months ago, Digital’s top legal officer, Joshua Mills,  inserted himself into the litigation by making false statements in a declaration, sworn under penalty of perjury.  The only reason he might have lied is to damage a Somers.  Somers proved Mills was fabricating evidence.  The only thing Mills accomplished was to increase Digital’s liability by subjecting Digital Realty to even greater damages for defamation.  For Mills to be engaging in such nefarious activity says a great deal about the culture at Digital Realty.

Mills was not alone in his attempt to do damage. He conspired with his subordinate, Justin Chang as well as Brian T. Ashe and Shireen Y. Wetmore, defense attorneys at Seyfarth Shaw.  The four lawyers conspire in their untoward deed.  They also attempted to convince the court to sanction Mr. Somers $25,000 payable to Digital Realty.

According to the What the four lawyers did to damage Somers is sufficient grounds for the disbarment of Ashe, Wetmore, Chang and of course Mills.

What did the four swear under penalty of perjury?  You won’t believe it.

See Part II here in a few days:

Marilyn Campos –  Legal Bureau Blog Reporter:  Part 1 in a series



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