GHOSTWRITING: Seyfarth Shaw’s Shape- Shifting Ashe

My Opponent is My Judge


“The entire lawsuit is now up-ended.  It must be declared in favor of Somers. Digital really messed up big on this one. I mean, corrupted data is one thing, a corrupt data center provider is another. Based on what I am seeing here, Digital Realty needs to fix this ” – Andrea Johnson, Attorney

According to Plaintiff, Paul Somers, Since November 21, 2016, many of the “Orders” signed by the judges in these proceedings are not merely lacking in lawful authority, they are based on ex parte communications from Digital Realty’s attorney, Brian T. Ashe, who ghostwrote the “Orders” and therefore was able to stack each one in their favor while harshly abusing Plaintiff. At the very least, participation in ex parte communications will expose the judge to one-sided argumentation․ At worst, it’s an invitation to improper influence if not outright corruption.  

Plaintiff Paul Somers stated,  “I am profoundly shocked and disappointed that this kind of thing can actually happen to a plaintiff in federal court.  We rely on our judicial system for impartiality and justice.

Seyfarth Shaw, Chubb, and Digital Realty apparently don’t view our court system with the same deference most Americans do.

We need to keep our judicial system free from corruptive influences.  Our judges should show courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit in their roles a public servants.”

More to come….

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