Two Lawyers Found Holed Up in a Basement in Atherton, Hallucinating.

Throughout litigation Digital Realty’s in-house lawyer, Justin Chang, has refused to abide by common standards of civility. He has unfairly targeted Plaintiff and his family. As earlier posts have shown, he has engaged in perjury. He did this to intimidate Paul Somers into dropping his claims against Digital Realty.

He’s one of many lawbreaking lawyers like Brian Ashe, Josh Mills, Kyle Pedersen and, of course, Shireen Wetmore. Each day they think of new ways to pervert the law and damage the good and innocent. They long for a world where justice is for sale at price that only a few can afford. It’s happening now, we are not that far off.

Chang’s willful abuse of the judicial process can be seen in just this one example. His conduct is becoming increasingly severe and frequent. Many readers are familiar with Chang and Mills’ embarrassing attempt to paint me as a computer genius who delights in following the “Digital people” around while seducing their wives and hypnotizing their children. I am not making that up. That is what Mills and Chang swore happened in Washington D.C. during the visit for the oral arguments. Mr. Chang swore one more thing under penalty of perjury.

We have a simple task for Mr. Chang. He swore under penalty of perjury many false statements in declaration dated 1/24/18. Let’s make him prove just one. He swore under oath that after my partner and I finished our $200 lunch and walked out to get our Lyft, that he phoned the other party revelers in the restaurant to warn them not to come outside because I was there. Yes, that’s right. I was standing near the curb waiting for my Lyft. How scary of me. So he’re He swore that he informed the other partygoers to exit the back door and what, start running? Chang has written the stupidest declaration possible, one that can be used to disbar him. This is what Chang swore to:

“Following the lunch in Washington, D.C., I saw Plaintiff holding a smart phone in a manner that I understood to mean he was photographing me and members of our party as we left the restaurant. I was concerned for the safety of our party because of this conduct by the Plaintiff and immediately telephoned other members of our party who remained in the restaurant in order to alert them to use an alternate exit so as to avoid Plaintiff. I immediately telephoned other members of our party who remained in the restaurant in order to alert them.”

So Chang pulled out his smartphone to call other smartphones to warn them of the madman outside by the curb using his smartphone.

No further questions your honor. I believe the defendants just entered a plea for insanity.

If smartphones are weapons, I think we’ve all got some explaining to do. I have carried mine onto more airplanes than I can remember. The TSA never said a word. I’ve even used my smartphone on an airplane, in stadiums, courtrooms. I’ve even taken my smartphone to the office more than once. My God, I let my 5 year old nephew play with my smartphone, how thoughtless.

This goes back to that day in January 2018 when Chang and Mills got up and ate far too many bowls of sugar frosted crazy. Or perhaps the shrooms you can get in Atherton are, like people of Atherton, better than anywhere else.

That must be it. Magic msuhrooms. Its safe to say Mills and Chang were hold-up in the basement at Josh’s $19M house tripping on something when they wrote down their hallucinagenic/epiphionic statements under oath. The two are so obsessed with Paul Somers that they had visions of him following them around Washington D.C., at their hotel, “breaking” into their computers even trying to seduce their wives. Oh yes, these are written statements, not by 13 year olds, but by grown men. They managed to pass a bar exam, but that’s where it appears to have ended. They aren’t lawyers, they’re criminals. Intimidating a plaintiff to drop his case is against the law. Lying under oath is against the law. Doing mushrooms is a against the law. It therefore must be against Digital Realty’s hallowed Code of Conduct. It’s a problem when a publicly traded company’s general counsel and a senior paralegal get caught engaging in perjury on company time.

Back to the point of this article. It is quite simple. Digital Realty, turn over Chang’s phone records. Show everyone what a(n) (dis)honest guy he is. Let’s see those phone calls he made after lunch at Charlie Palmer’s on that warm November day in our nation’s capitol. Then we’ll cross-verify his records with those of the people he was supposed to have made calls to. If he won’t provide them, we’ll subpeona them in the next round.

We will get to it, Mr. Chang. If you think there is any value providing the truth, now is the time to do it.

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