NAVEX GLOBAL’S EthicsPoint® Incident Management is a Sham, Refuses to Investigate Chubb’s Public Corruption

According to its website:
NAVEX Global’s goal is to ensure that you can communicate issues and concerns associated with unethical or illegal activities safely and honestly with an organization’s management or the board of directors while maintaining your anonymity and confidentiality.

NAVEX Global is certified under the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Programs through the United States Department of Commerce as having security measures in place to address EU privacy initiatives and other global privacy directives.”

The words above, may sound reasuring but they ring hollow. It’s simply corporate nonsense to placate sharholders and investors and the SEC. Reality is quite different. I reported the head of Chubb Ltd’s legal department, Joseph Wayland – Executive Vice President and General Counsel Chubb Limited / Chubb Group to Chubb’s third party ethics hotline, NavexGlobal. I gave them examples of Chubb bribery federal judges. What did Navex do? Nada.

They sweep it under the rug without even doing an investigation. Chubb wasn reported for engaging in multiple criminal activities. See the bottom of the image above. Navex Global indicated that they’ve closed the investigation of their client, Chubb. NAVEX NEVER BOTHERED TO CONTACT THE PERSON WHO MADE THE COMPLAINT.

NavexGlobal, that’s not an investigation, it’s a coverup.


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Chubb told them to shut it down. Now that’s unethical and serious misconduct, Chubb. NavexGlobal rolled over when its client determined that misconduct by its chief legal officer would be permitted. After that does anyone actually care to hear the excuses from Navex? Not really.

Follow-Up Questions/Comments2/7/2019 11:54 AM

posted by Navex Global: Thank you for contacting the Chubb Helpline. We are investigating the concerns you reported. If you have any additional information or documents (such as the document that you refer to in your report) that you think could assist us in fully investigating this matter, please provide them at this time.

3/7/2019 1:28 PM posted by Navex Global:

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. The matter has been fully investigated with the information you have provided and the allegations cannot be substantiated. If you have anything further to add in this matter which may warrant additional investigation, please provide this information. This matter has been closed.

3/13/2019 5:20 AM posted by P. Somers: “Case in point: Look at the Summary Judgment “Order.” The court did not turn around a 32-page order based upon a 600-page motion in 2 days. It was written well in advance by Seyfarth and several employees at Chubb are aware that Chubb has engaged in criminal activity related to our federal court system.”

How did you fully investigate that? Did Navex not see an issue with the Orders as written? If the court didn’t write that order, who did? You have got to be kidding me with the “thorough investigation.”

No one believes that. You failed to contact me, for starters.

Ethics investigation fail.

Navex Global Refused to Respond and will not answer any questions.

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