Get Your Judge Something He Really Wants This Year! A lighter Caseload with Legal Services Gift Cards…

Whether your judge is overworked, wants more time to golf or needs time to manage his burgeoning real estate empire, Legal Services Gift Cards are the answer.

If your law firm has pending litigation, contact us and inquire as to whether your judge is on our exclusive list of judicial officers willing to discreetly delegate their decision making powers to to your firm.

If confirmed, simply have your client purchase gift cards sufficient to cover the cost of your firm’s time managing the case and voila! You take over the courtroom and run it as you see fit. The judge will only be available for hearings. The ruling and orders are up to your firm to decide! Send your written documents to us and we will rubber stamp the judge’s signature and upload into ECF. No one will ever know you wrote the order.

And no need to contact the judge, we will do it for you.

You can issue sanctions, end the case at summary judgment or just enjoy watching a plaintiff suffer, it’s up to you!

We love Legal Services Gift Cards, we use them whenever we can to “win” cases, increase our billable hours and save clients from paying damages. It allows our firm to vastly increase profits because the client isn’t going to argue our fees when they are guaranteed a win!

B. A. – San Francisco Lawyer

Call us today and get your firm on its way to higher profits and happier clients. (989) 528-8871

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