Watch Digital Realty Senior Officer Commit Perjury

Asked if she was the one who told Kris Kumar that he had been reported by Paul Somers for financial misconduct. It’s none other than Ellen Jacobs. She was the worst hack of a HR executive that ever lived. She’s part of the Ashkenazi network, of course.

Jacobs broke so many laws while heading up HR for Digital, no corporation would have allowed her to retire and keep all of her long term equity and retirement benefits. It was only because of her membership in the Ashkenazi tribe that she became very wealthy despite the fact that she cost shareholders a great deal of money.

When she was forced to retire, she was replaced with another Ashkenazi, Cindy Fiedelman, who’s salary at $600,000 per year (excluding long term compensation) is more than twice Jacobs.

I’ve posted a video below great deal about Ms. Jacobs. Watch Ms. Jacobs’ attempt to appear puzzled, yet thoughtful as taught to her by Digital’s lawyer, Brian T. Ashe (formerly Brian T. Ashkenazi). She lies when she says. “I don’t recall,” disclosing a whistleblower to Kris Kumar. She remembers everything she’s been taught to say but somehow wants us to believe she can’t recall meeting Kumar in San Francisco on February 3, 2014. She remembers. It shows Ms. Jacobs for who she really is, dishonest, mean-spirited and unqualified. We all wish she would have never left the animal feed business.

Notice the body language. She looks at the ceiling, looks away from the person asking the question, down at the desk and then as she answers that she doesn’t recall she nods her head yes. Had she told the truth she would have ended that part of the case. Exposing a whistleblower is a felony offense.

Then there is this.


3 way conference call at 8:40am Singapore time, April 8, 2014

Ellen Jacobs, Rita Da Luz – San Francisco

Sarah Schubert – Singapore

Paul Somers – Hong Kong

Fraction of Transcript.

In response to my question concerning sales manager Shaun’s Woodhouse’s verbal tirade and employee Jing Zhou, Ellen attempted to explain her secret policy. Zhou had filed a complaint against Mr. Woodhouse indicating he read her the riot act one night when he was inebriated. the situation was completely ignored by HR. At the same time, I was being raked over the coals for a fabricated story by my former manage, Kris Kumar. Ms. Jacobs conspired with Kumar resulting the wrongful termination of my employment. The two were on a mission and there was no turning back. All sense of decency logic and fairness were tossed aside. Disparate treatment is clearly in favor of heterosexuals at Digital Realty.

Ellen’s response regarding Shaun Woodhouse’s drunken tirade:

Ellen Jacobs: “What I would say is that what we tell managers is that if they see, if an issue comes up is that the last place these issues, performance issues like that should go is HR we expect that managers are able to deal with those types events, and so If a um manager says that, if it goes up to a manager, the manager says that lookit you guys need to work this out, then I guess they would expect, I would expect those people that got direction from the manager, – it would be worked out, if it happened again, it would go back to the manager and its only if the manager has taken zero action and/or the actions of the manager were simply not being followed in which case I would expect the person would go back to the manager and say look, you have asked Grant, in this case I may be getting the players wrong cuz I’m kinda hearing, ya know, piecing together. What I think this is about and say he’s not doing it Kris, we need to sit down and have another conversation. At which time I’m sure Kris would be willing to do that, but ummm but if Kris were to say “no no I’m done with that I am not doing it again”, then I would expect it to go to HR…”

Righto, Ellen. She also stated under oath that the reason none of Digital Realty’s policies appeared in writing or in a handbook is because HR personnel keep all the rules”in their heads”. I asked her why she couldn’t provide written documentation of the companies rules and policies. She responded because she had a lot to do and just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Now its clear why Digital Realty had to bribe both of the judges. This example is only a fraction of the stupidity that goes on with senior management at Digital Realty.

Digital Realty has some serious issues to face in the coming months. I only hope the for the employee’s and shareholder’s sake that senior management does the right and steps down before evidence is published proving corruption against shareholders on a scale that will shake investor confidence in Digital Realty. Let’s hope that a year from now Digital’s current management is gone with Stein and Mills dealing with criminal charges long overdue.

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