Unprecedented crimes: Several law firms engaged in fraud and obstructed justice before the United States Supreme Court

The lawyers at Stris & Maher and Seyfarth colluded to steer the decision of the Supreme Court in Digital Realty v. Paul Somers in 2017.

The fraud means the adversarial component of Digital Realty’s appeal was missing. The decision by the Supreme Court is therefore void.

Evidence of the Stris & Maher’s collusion with opposing counsel reached a tipping point when appellee Paul Somers lawyer, Dan Geyser, lied to him about an important matter. Last October, Mr. Somers wrote to Mr. Geyser asking him to provide details of the practice sessions, or moot courts, that were held in November 2017. Moot courts simulate the hearing before the Supreme Court, allowing attorneys to sharpen their arguments before the big day. Mr. Geyser wrote to Mr. Somers indicating that in fact they did hold three moot courts.

Mr. Somers asked Mr. Geyser for the dates, locations and sponsor. Mr. Geyser was unable to answer the simple questions. Mr. Geyser then disappeared and refuses to further communicate with Mr. Somers.

Brendan Maher has also gone into hiding and won’t respond to any communication.

Lying to a client and failing to hold moot courts prior to an important decision before the Supreme Court proves something isn’t right. In addition to this there’s a stack of evidence that makes it clear that Stris & Maher was aligned with the other side.

Another clear sign is it that Stris & Maher is an Ashkenazi Jewish law firm. The Ashkenazi Jewish mafia has relied upon people like Ashkenazis Dan Geyser and Brendan Maher to help them defeat Paul Somers meritorious claims at every turn.

Stris & Maher reinforce the fact that the Jewish mafia has no boundaries. They feel it’s acceptable to engage in crimes in front of the highest court in the land as long they can make a pile of money off of it.

It’s unclear as to whether the attorneys at Paul Weiss were also involved in the crimes.

More to come……

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