Sarah Schubert’s Ship Has Just Come In.

Soon Sarah Schubert and her husband Tim, will be served a complaint for their part in the fraud that started in 2014. Sarah was a part time consultant for Digital Realty handling HR matters. She broke the law and assisted Kris Kumar in his retaliation against me for reporting his wrongdoing. Sarah lied. Sarah lied a lot. She wrote false statements about me in her quest for a full time job that Kumar never delivered.

Fast forward to 2018, I provided Tim and Sarah a copy of a false declaration showing Sarah’s forged signature. It had been fabricated and filed as evidence in the District Court by Digital Realty and Chubb’s attorney, Brian Ashe of Seyfarth LLP in San Francisco.

Sarah should have responded by providing me a statement that she neither signed nor read the declaration. Instead, Sarah chose to remain silent and help the criminals at Digital Realty, Seyfarth LLP and Chubb.

Here’s the deal: Do nothing Sarah knows she committed crimes by not telling the truth. She’s hoping this all goes away. Sorry Ms. Schubert, your crimes will not go unpunished.

Let’s put Sarah and her husband Tim where they belong… behind bars for obstructing justice, aiding and abetting crimes and more..

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