Sam Lee, Now at Global Switch, Unable to Prove He Wrote or Signed Declaration

© 2018 Paul Somers


Sam Lee, a former Digital Realty employee is now a manager at Global Switch. Mr. Lee has been pulled into the lawsuit, Paul Somers v Digital Realty because Digital Realty’s lawyer, Brian Ashe of Seyfarth Shaw, forged a fake declaration which was represented to be from Lee.  In fact, Lee had never seen the Declaration until Somers sent it to him.

Mr. Ashe is looking at felony charges for identity theft, filing false documents with a government office, perjury fabricating evidence, forgery and more. Mr. Ashe also faces disbarment, prison and a fine.

Mr. Lee refuses to speak up though as he has likely been coerced by Digital/Chubb or Seyfarth representatives to remain silent about the forgery.

Lee was asked to provide proof that he wrote, signed and sent the declaration in question to Digital’s lawyers in San Francisco. Lee’s unable to provide any kind of email, tracking number or anything related to the fact that he supposedly wrote and signed the declaration on June 13, 2018.

This is the fourth instance of fraud by the Digital legal team headed by Joshua Mills. Mills also filed a false declaration, engaged in perjury and faces disbarment for falsely accusing Mr. Somers of criminal acts which were easily proven false. Mr. Mills should have stepped down immediately for doing so. Sources say he cannot quit because he recently built a $15M weekend house on Lake Tahoe said to have been christened, “Tara on the Lake.”  Mr. Mills also is said to own a $15M home in the tony suburb of Atherton outside of San Francisco.

Mr. Mills’ Tahoe property is reportedly far superior to Digital CEO Bill Stein’s 13,000 SF weekend home in “Northstar”, another gated enclave on Lake Tahoe.  Stein is rumored to be rankled by his subordinates ostentatious display of wealth.

© 2018 Paul Somers

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