A Letter to Sam Lee About Criminal Activity

In an effort to promote transparency, this letter has been posted on DigitalCruelty.com.
Sam Lee is a former Digital Realty employee who is hiding from the truth. He is aware that Brian T. Ashe representing the  Declaration is false yet has failed to inform me, the plaintiff.  Sam has been warned twice that his silence may make him an accessory after-the-fact to a crime.  This is Sam’s third and final warning before he may be facing legal action for refusing to answer this simple question.
Dear Sam Lee ,

Brian Ashe has certified to the federal court system under penalty of perjury that your alleged Declaration was written and signed by you. Evidence tells us Mr. Ashe is lying once again.  For three months it appears that you have helped cover up the fact that the Declaration is fake.  Mr. Ashe will likely face serious repercussions for what he has done.  Consider all that you have at stake and do the right thing.
I am only asking for the truth.
Here’s what I need to be convinced that you wrote that Declaration:
1. The original Declaration you allegedly signed in blue pen.
2.  The Email correspondence you sent to Seyfarth Shaw with the alleged signed Declaration attached.  Include the raw headers/raw text so we can have a forensic specialist determine if it is real.
3.  If you sent the item express mail please provide the billing information, tracking number etc. to prove your position.
If you are unable to produce these items it’s likely that you are engaged in untoward business adding up to a crime along with Mr. Ashe.  It could mean that you are currently an accessory after-the-fact to fraud and forgery.  Having a criminal record in such matters could certainly make you ineligible to work in the data center sector.  The Singapore government will give you the boot.
In a hearing your name came up quite a few times. Digital’s attorney, Brian Ashe, mentioned how upset you are.  He then tried to back your alleged Declaration out of the order he illegally wrote for Judge Chen:
More proof to support that your alleged dec is a fake:
Transcript from hearing:
THE COURT: Do you have any response to that, Counsel?
MR. ASHE: Your Honor, the Hague Convention does not
apply. These were at the time, at least, friendly witnesses.
Mr. Lee, one of the declarants, unfortunately apparently
is no longer as friendly due to some intimidation conduct by
Mr. Somers.[that is Brian T. Ashe lying to a federal jduge which is not a big deal at all considering that they are working together behind the scenes] That is the subject of a different motion that is before you to be heard on September 6th if the case proceeds.
MR. SOMERS: Well, Your Honor, I guess based on the
underlying issues with the declarations, which also, I think,
Mr.– I’m sorry to come back to that, but this is important.
Mr. Ashe has indicated that one of the witnesses is
unhappy because I think he saw that this declaration was
written for him and he didn’t know about it. That’s a real
problem. Those are fraud. That is fraud upon the Court. And
this is the third time.
So I don’t understand what’s happening with this case,
Your Honor. I know there is some very strange things going on
in the background. I know that the Defendant has been
ghostwriting orders for the Court and there was a decision made
at some point that that was going to be done and I have
evidence of that as well. And I think it is very strange to be
standing in front of a federal judge saying that, but I do have
enough information to go by that — I’d hoped we didn’t have to
go there but apparently we do.
They have been doing things. They have been involved in
fraud, and they have also — were involved in filing false
documents with my forged signature on it as well on May 25th of
2016. I took that to the San Francisco District Attorney’s
Office and they were investigating it and then the
investigation ended. And I have some evidence as to why that
So there are some difficult things happening here, and I do
not — I don’t believe we are in the position to go through a
Motion for Summary Judgment with all of these issues out there.
If Mr. Ashe could explain a little further what Mr. Lee’s
issue is with the — with your firm, that would be helpful.
This is preposterous but Ashe wrote the fake “order” so we can expect nothing less…
From the unlawful “order:”

“1 The Court cites Mr. Lee‘s declaration as a record reference only, but does not rely on it as material to the outcome of this motion due to Mr. Somers‘ objections regarding the provenance of the declaration and whether it was actually signed by Mr. Lee (notwithstanding that the objection is unsubstantiated by evidence and based on sheer speculation). The veracity of Mr. Lee‘s specific testimony is immaterial to the issues raised by this motion.”

How could Lee’s fake Declaration be immaterial to the fake “order”.  Lee is mentioned 36 times!

This case is far from over as we prepare to expose the fraud from every angle. The initial item brought forward will be the fraudulent Declaration with your name on it.
Please forward the above information requested in items 1 and 2 by the close of business day on Thursday of this week. If you are unable or unwilling to do so it will only further prove the fraud underlying this case.  Keep in mind that you are relying on attorneys who have been caught engaging in criminal activity.
If you have it in you, its time to do the right thing.  I will not stop until justice is done and those engaging in felonies are punished for their criminal activity including Josh Mills, Bill Stein, Shireen Wetmore, Kyle Petersen, Brian T. Ashe, of course, and  several others.
Paul Somers

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