Sam Lee: Defamation Expert?

It’s Been Four Years and Everyone Has Moved On Except fior Sam Lee.  Sam’s Still Lying But Now Under Oath.  Or is it a fraud by Digital Lawyers?

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that I have read this declaration and that it is true and correct.

Executed June 13, 2018 at Singapore.

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 7.22.36 PM.png

[This docuement violates Singapore Law.  Mr. Lee failed to legalize the document and violated Singapore Law when he sent this to the United States.


Mr. Lee, if this document is a forgery you should respond immediately.

This time Sam Lee violated Singapore law and released a document from Singapore without going through the four-step process of legalization in the Republic of Singapore.  As a result, the document he wrote and signed is actionable under defamation laws in Singapore, for the next six years.

“Several weeks after I spoke with Ms. Schubert about the edit Mr. Somers put on my self-evaluation, she asked me to send the email and edited document to her. I forwarded it to her via email”      [COVER-UP]

“I also told Ms. Schubert that I was concerned about Mr. Somers’ demeanor at the office.”

[Sam Lee Worked at the Data Center, Mr. Somers worked at OFC. Mr. Somers was in Singapore only four weeks from January 1 – April 9.  Sam, why are you writing such nonsense. ]

“I said that he had previously been amiable and interested in my work, but that his more recent behavior was very different.”

[Agreed, very different. Mr. Somers was traveling 90% of the time.]

“I said, for example, that he would ask me to perform one task, and then change his mind after I started in on the project and have me redo my work.”

[Sam is lying, he cannot provide a single example of this, or a date on which it happened,  Sam was busy plotting with Kumar and actually engaged in an illegal and discriminatory firing.]

“I can testify that I performed that work for the Portfolio/Asset Management group consistently during this time period, so the gating approval work on my desk was certainly getting done even if Mr. Somers was not doing gating approval work.”

[“gating approval work on my desk was certainly getting done.” That doesn’t even make sense]


Sam, if you did not sign this written declaration you need to respond to this blog post in writing immediately.  If you did sign off on the things written in the document it will be dealt with in good time.


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